Why choose me?

Why choose me?

My notarial services are friendly, courteous, thorough and professional, born of thirty years experience as a lawyer in England working to high professional and ethical standards regulated by the English legal profession.

I am not an attorney here in the United States, and am not, therefore, allowed to provide legal services or offer legal advice or opinions. This would amount to unauthorized legal practice with serious penalties.

So what exactly is a notary public? What do they do? A notary public is a public servant commissioned by their home state to serve as an impartial witness in the correct signing and validation of important legal documents. This is, of course, vital in all sorts of matters---especially in these days of identity theft. As a notary public and as a notary signing agent, I am bound by a code of conduct, and am expected to act professionally in all I do. This is ingrained in me, because of my background.

I was also bound by a code of conduct as a family mediator in England. My training and experience in family mediation helps me in putting my clients at ease. 


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